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Circumcision Pre-Operation Instruction

Children Circumcision

EMLA cream is optional. You may apply the EMLA cream one and a half hours before the procedure around the base of the penis and above the penis shaft. (thickly coated with cream wrapped in simple kitchen plastic cling wrap). The cling-wrap is left open at the end so that urine can pass through. This can reduce pain during and after the circumcision.

Please bring disposable nappies, one jar of petroleum jelly (Vaseline), which needs to be used after the procedure as a barrier between the nappy/underwear and the penis.

The operation is simple in infants and babies and takes 15-30 minutes and is carried out at the doctor’s surgery. Our team attuned to your need and use the method with virtually no pain.

If a medical certificate is required please let staff know before your procedure so one can be arranged.


Adults circumcision

DO NOT take any aspirin, ibuprofen or other blood thinners for at least 1 week prior to your surgery date.

As you having a local anesthetic is not necessary to refrain  from eating.

It is recommended to trim pubic hair fairly short to aid asepsis and prevent trapping of hair in the bandaging afterwards.

No alcohol 24 hours prior to operation, may cause dehydration and reduce the effectiveness of anesthetic.

Shower and clean the genital area while retracting the foreskin and cleaning under it.

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