Melbourne Vasectomy & Circumcision

Welcome to the Melbourne Vasectomy and Circumcision Clinic with the most modern advanced facilities. Our physicians are highly skilled and have been performing vasectomies and circumcisions for many years, some over 35 years.


The Melbourne Vasectomy and Circumcision Clinic is a private practice and its primary goal is to focus on comfort and convenience for their patients. The Latest Minimally Invasive Methods possible to make your procedure simple, with minimal pain, safe with faster recovery. Clinic remains passionate about making each patient’s experience the very best it can be.


Melbourne Vasectomy and Circumcision Clinic have a friendly and caring staff, and provide a confidential personalized and professional service in a private setting without long waiting times.


You are assured of the most up to date, least incapacitating surgical method.  We do everything possible to ensure that you make a decision which is right for you.


Consultation and same-day surgery can be arranged where necessary.


We are very happy to explain the different techniques involving Vasectomy and Circumcision.


Please contact us to arrange your free consultation.
You can call us on

9748 9777 for Werribee Clinic 241 Heaths Rd Werribee 3030

0468 760 222 for Kew Clinic 176 Cotham Rd Kew 3101