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Circumcision is the procedure of removing foreskin that surrounds the end of the penis and is done for different reasons that include medical, religious, cultural, and family. In some cultures and religions it is customary to undergo circumcision as a child, however due to the medical benefits, adults often have this procedure done by choice.

Some of the medical reasons are:

  • Phimosis           A tight foreskin that cannot be retracted. 
  • Paraphimosis   A foreskin that retracts but cannot be pulled back easily. 
  • Balanitis            Recurrent infections under the foreskin .
  • A chronically inflamed foreskin 
  • Tearing of the foreskin or pain during sexual activity
  • UTI                    urinary tract infection.
  • STD                   sexually transmitted disease.
  • Penile Cancer   Some observational studies have found that adult men who were                                circumcised as babies were less likely to get penile cancer

Circumcision Correction or Revision

Circumcision revision or cosmetic circumcision due to unsatisfactory results or poorly done previous circumcision elsewhere and causes problems, such as adhesions and excessive foreskin.

In fact we have many patients who come from from outside of the victoria and asking us to tidy up previous circumcisions they had elsewhere and they are not happy  with it. This varies from scar revisions to thightening up loose circumcisions etc.  Please contact us for the price. 

We prefer a prior consultation to discuss your exact requirements and examine your existing circumcisions.

The Frenulectomy

We also perform Frenulectomy please ask staff for more information.

A Frenulectomy is a procedure that can reduce the pain often associated with a tight band of tissue between a penis’ shaft and the glans on its underside.


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