Vasectomy is a common operation and more than 30,000 are performed annually in Australia.  It is a brief procedure that is performed in a doctor’s clinic and takes around 30 minutes. It is estimated that one in four men will have a vasectomy at some point in his life.


Vasectomy is the procedure which makes men infertile by producing a block to sperm movement from the testes and is the most efficient from of contraception currently available. It works by blocking the transport of sperm from the testicles. Semen is still ejaculated and appears normal, but it will not contain sperm. Vasectomy does not affect a man’s sex drive, hormones or sexual performance. In fact, it can increase sexual drive.


Vasectomy is a permanent procedure that is highly effective. Failure rates are generally below 1%. Complying with post-vasectomy instructions (which includes completing a lab test at-home12 weeks post operatively to test your sperm count) will assure an effective treatment has been performed by our expert physician


Vasectomy through the decades has consistently proven to be a safe and effective surgery. Techniques vary among surgeons, Since the 1970s; doctors around the world have contributed to advances in instruments and techniques that have made vasectomy surgery less invasive.


Vasectomy is also much more cost-effective when compared to other various forms of contraception methods used long term.