About Us

Melbourne Vasectomy & Circumcision is established since 1993.  We pride ourselves on a warm welcome and quality service for the whole of the Melbourne Metropolitan Area. 


We pride ourselves committed in caring for your health and the leading centre for the vasectomy and circumcision in the hand of highly experienced doctors.


We provide quality services and constantly update our knowledge and skills to ensure that we are at the forefront of current medical practice.


Dr M Athari who is passionate and caring procedural physician with over 35 years experience in field of Vasectomy, Circumcision and other office based surgical procedures.

We are pleased to announce Dr Rahul Tipnis joining us who has extensive surgical experience.

Mr H Zargar who is a highly qualified urologist joined Melbourne Vasectomy and Circumcision who offers wide range of urological services including Vasectomy and Circumcision under general anaesthetic.


Our friendly staff are always happy to help. Please feel free to get in contact for more information about our practice or our procedures.