Vasectomy Procedure

A vasectomy is performed with the aim of preventing the passage of sperm along the spermatic cord. This is done by picking up the vas which is located mostly just under the scrotal skin, and cutting the tube. Ends can be left open with fascia opposition but in most cases the ends are tied with surgical stitches and the ends sealed with heat which studies show increases effectiveness. The two new ends are then positioned away from each other and a small piece of tissue positioned over one of the ends to discourage rejoining. This is called fascia apposition. After the procedure the vas is then released into the scrotum.


Due to the simplicity of the surgery, a vasectomy usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete. After a very short recovery at the doctor’s office the patient is sent home to rest. Because the procedure is minimally invasive, many vasectomy patients find that they can return to work within 2 or 3 days and resume their typical lifestyle routines within a week, and do so with minimal discomfort.


It is quite confusing when looking at the information available relating to vasectomy methods but in summary, occluding and sealing the ends (dividing, tying off and diathermy) is the most effective approach. Leaving the ends loose may reduce the chances of a collection of sperm forming at about 4 weeks. Scalpel free vasectomy is really the same as conventional vasectomy except that an instrument is used that makes 2 small holes at the site of the vas which are slightly smaller than some conventional incisions.  Scrotal skin heals very well as it is the only skin on the body that does not pull apart during healing and scar is hardly noticeable.


All men undergoing vasectomy will have local anesthetic into the scrotal skin and around the tubes. This stings initially for about 5 seconds before the area goes numb. We can offer nitrous oxide gas sedation for vasectomy. (Extra charges and conditions apply) This is recommended to provide general relaxation, sleep, and also loosening of the scrotal skin which means that the procedure is easier.


We can offer open ended Vasectomy upon patient’s request.

We offer this service also under general anaesthetic (condition apply).