Complications of Vasectomy

Vasectomy is a low risk procedure but complications are possible and they are as follows.


Bleeding – This is usually from the small blood vessels that have been cut during the operation, although they are cauterised they can at times continue to slowly bleed forming a haematoma. This will present itself as a lump with a little discomfort. This will resolve itself in a few days.


Infection – This can occur if the suture site is not kept clean and dry while healing. After the initial discomfort of the procedure has passed, if you have secondary pain, this could be the start of an infection, so please make an appointment with the doctor.


Sperm Granuloma – This occurs sometimes when sperm leak from the cut end of the Vas Deferens, which may cause a slightly painful small lump. This usually resolves over time. With the use of cautery to the ends of the Vas Deferens the chance of this occurring is lowered.


After Vasectomy Pain – Most men who undergo a Vasectomy have no difficulties. About 1:10,000 cases may develop a long standing testicular pain and this is most likely due to back pressure build up.