Circumcision FAQs

1.  Is a pre-exam required?
You require a consultation and examination before the procedure.  The consultation can be combined with your circumcision appointment and takes about 15 minutes.  It is compulsory you are aware of pre operation instruction.

2. How much does a circumcision cost?
The price varies and dependents on child’s age.  In addition, for adults the price varies further based on whether it is a new or revised circumcision.  Please contact our office on 9748 9777 for more information.


3.  How is the procedure done?
A description of the process can be found on our Circumcision Procedure page.


4.  What is the best age to get a child circumcised?
The earlier is the better but the optimum age is 2-3 weeks.  The advantages of the procedure are easy to carry out using the Plastibell ring method and the recovery is quick.


5.  Is the procedure painful?

Circumcision should be a pain frees procedure, as long as the local anesthetic has been administered correctly.  For children in the age of 1-5 years old can be tricky to circumcise, as they are at the age where they are weary of strangers and will not let anyone go near them,  ( Please be advised  crying infant or child does not necessarily mean that they are in pain)


6.  Am I awake during the procedure?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.  We can sedate adult and in some case children during the procedure.


7.  Is there an age limit?
No.  Circumcision can be done at any age, from birth to the very old.  For those under 18, we require a guardian’s consent.


8.  How long is the recovery time?
In babies under 2 months, it should heal completely in about two weeks.  In older children, it should heal in about 3 weeks. Full anatomical healing can take up to 6 weeks.


9.  Are parents allowed to be present during the procedure?

We respect parent’s wishes and it is up to them if they want to stay during procedure in the operation room or remain in the waiting room.

Parents have a big role in comforting and feeding the bay during the procedure and after the procedure and are informed more about after care.

We highly recommend if especially mothers feel distressed during the procedure leave the operation room and trust their doctor who is performing the procedure.

10.  Can I take my child home straight away?

You will be in the clinic for half an hour after the procedure for observation and after that you will go home.

11.  Should I be aware of any risks associated with a circumcision?
Occasionally there will be a small amount of bleeding from the site many hours after the procedure 1 in 3000. This is treated by applying pressure to the penis for about 5 minutes. Infection can also occur, however it is extremely rare 1 in 1000.  It is evident by seeing excess redness and pus, accompanied by a foul smell. It can easily be treated usually with an antibiotic either topically or orally. If there is any serious bleeding once you have taken the child home – you need to contact us urgently so that it can be dealt with as soon as possible.


12.  In case of an emergency who do we contact?
You contact the clinic or mobile No provided to you in case of any concerns.


13.  Is there routine follow-up checks?
Routine checks usually are not necessary on the newborn infant. For the older children it may be necessary depending on how the procedure has been performed. But if there is a concern our doctors are happy to see the patients for a review.