Pre Operation Instruction

  • You may apply numbing cream such as EMLA cream 1 and 1/2 hour before the procedure to the entire penis and thickly coated with cream wrapped in simple kitchen plastic cling wrap. The cling-wrap is left open at the free end so that urine can pass through. This can reduce pain during and after the circumcision.
  • Babies should not be fed for 2-3hrs before the procedure (ie: no breast milk or formula), as we need them to be ‘hungry’ during the procedure. This avoids painful indigestion from a recent meal, though is not so long that your baby will be overly hungry.
  • Parents need to bring in a bottle of expressed breast milk or formula so baby can be fed during the procedure. This significantly minimizes stress and discomfort.
    Alternatively babies can suck on a dummy or a 5% glucose solution can be administered to the infant which acts as a natural pain reliever.
  • Please bring disposable nappies.
  • Please bring one jar of petroleum jelly(Vaseline type product), which needs to be used after the procedure as a barrier between the nappy/underwear and the penis.
  • The operation takes 15-30 minutes and is carried out at the docotor’s surger. It is advisable for adult to have someone drive you to the appointment and back home.
  • If a medical certificate is required please let staff know before your procedure so one can be arranged.