Healing Process

Healing is usually rapid and can be viewed in several stages. This is like any other cut.  There are many factors that influence healing, but most importantly every child heals differently


First, the cut edge seals and bleeding ceases within minutes. Within hours or up to a day, the area just behind the glans (especially the underside) will become swollen. This inflammation subsides within a week or two. One to two days following the circumcision there may be an off white or yellowish, patchy appearance of the glans. These patches are a type of scab and are associated with normal healing. You will also notice that the glans is red and glossy. This is because the skin covering the glans of an uncircumcised penis is a mucous membrane (like the inside of your cheek). Once exposed, the mucous membrane will toughen (a process called keratinization), and in time will take on a normal appearance. The penis should take on a “normal” appearance within about one month’s time.


Check for fresh bleeding, and if this occurs in the first 24 hours, please phone immediately because it just shouldn’t happen. Bleeding after the first 24 hours is usually only a drop or two and of no consequence.


The penis usually does get red and swollen. That is of no concern – it is just part of the normal healing process. That redness and swelling increases when the ring is about to separate off and settles rapidly after the ring has fallen off.


It is strongly recommended the procedure to be reviewed in two to three weeks after the procedure.


In infants the ring will separate and fall AROUND 3-7 days but in older boys this can be delayed for a couple of weeks.  Continue using Vaseline and betadine for a few days after the ring separated.  Fresh bleeding should not occur but a smear of blood may appear.