Pre-Operation Instruction

    • Signatures and completion of your consent form is required and must be brought in with you. You can download the consent form here.


    • If you are allergic to any medication, please inform the doctor.


    • Avoid all aspirin and aspirin-containing products for five days before vasectomy. Also stop ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory two days before vasectomy. Herbal remedies containing garlic or ginseng should be stopped for one week and ginkgo biloba for 36 hours. You may use paracetamol at any time.


    • As you are having a local anesthetic, you can maintain your normal diet on the day of your procedure.


    • Lather and wash the scrotum and groin area well the evening before or day of your vasectomy.


    • The day before, shave or trim away the hair from the front of the scrotum, just below the base of the penis.


    • The operation takes about 30 minutes and is carried out at the doctor’s surgery. You can drive yourself to your appointment and home again. Unless you need to drive over 30 minutes.


    • If a medical certificate is required, please let staff know before your procedure so one can be arranged.


  • Firm fitting underwear should be worn for the procedure and a week or two afterwards. (You might prefer to wear your bike shorts or “Speedo’s”.)