Post-Operation Instruction

  • When the local anesthetic wears off there may be some pain at the site of the operation. This can be reduced by simple pain relieving medication such as panadol or panadeine (no more than 2 every 4 hours). You may need to wear underpants that support your scrotum.


  • It is wise to rest and avoid strenuous exercise for a few days. This can prevent bruising and bleeding from occurring.


  • At the completion of the operation a protective spray will be applied to the operation site, which dries and acts as a protective layer to the suture site. This allows you to take a shower as normal 24 hours after the surgery. It is important to keep the area dry, so pat dry with a clean towel after showering, or use blow dry. This dressing will peel away in 2-3 days time like sun burnt skin.


  •  Do not uses talc powder until the suture site is completely healed, to prevent the risk of infection.


  • All your sutures (both internally and externally) will dissolve naturally over a few weeks. You do not need to come back to the clinic to have them out. As explained at your original consultation, there are instances when the sutures may dissolve early, there may be weeping, and the wound may appear open. This does not mean the area has been infected. The wound will close in a matter of a few days with minimal scar.


  • It is normal to feel a bit of pain in the lower stomach like you have been hit in the scrotum by a ball, this will subside over the next few days if not please make an appointment to come back and see the doctor.


  •  You will need to have a sperm count done 3 months after your operation to check that your sperm count is zero. You will be given a container labeled with your name and date of birth, which is for your specimen.  Please use this container only. Please bring the specimen with signed supplied form or to take to pathology collection centre close to you. The cost of the test is bulk billed by our pathology service provider. Your results will be available 36 hours later.


  • You will need to continue with contraception until you get these results back. It is your responsibility to follow this through to prevent any unwanted pregnancies. Even though you have had a Vasectomy you may not be sterile until you get a zero sperm count.


     If you have any other concerns, please make an appointment to see the Doctor.