Complications and risk of circumcision

Serious complications of circumcision are rare and easily manageable.


  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • “Botched up” surgery


The Plastic Circumcision Device is effective in minimizing all of these problems.  But has own complication,

A concealed penis is when the length of the penis shaft is no greater then its diameter of when penis in is retracted mostly due to a significant amount of pubic fat.  This is normal but can cause re adhesion of the remainer of the foreskin back to the glans (tip of the penis).


This is not a serious complication and usually can resolve with in few months if your son has similar penis please ask Dr Athari about how to reduce chance of having a concealed penis.


Retained ring of plausible: the plausible normally falls off on its own, occasionally the ring moves backward and gets retained.  If ring has not fallen off within 7 days please make an appointment to see Dr Athari.